Your First Visit With Us


A Truly Unique Initial Experience:

    We will reserve 90 minutes of time for your initial visit, and you will have  Dr Weber's undivided attention for that entire period of time. It is very uncommon to receive that kind of one-on-one attention from a dentist but Dr. Weber truly believes that unless you understand, in detail, what the difference between oral health and disease is it is much harder to embrace many of the preventative measures at your disposal to remain disease free. 

    During your initial visit, Dr. Weber will take a full set of digital radiographs which present the most detailed images of the entirety of every tooth as well as the surrounding bone. First you will learn how to read these radiographs, what the images mean and how the tooth is constructed. Terminology that is frequently used by dentists will be explained to you as well so that you can be completely on the same page as the Doctor when you review your records with him. 

    Then a complete oral examination will be performed where you will be screened for any oral pathology such as tumors or cancerous lesions, dental (tooth related) diseases, periodontal (gum and bone) diseases, occlusal trauma (from an imbalanced bite), and anything else that pertains to your oral health.

     If Dr. Weber sees anything out of the ordinary he may take some digital photographs in the mouth. Along with the digital radiographs and your newfound knowledge of the oral cavity you will be able to understand any diagnosis that is being made. Treatment options will be presented to you and any questions that you have will be completely answered. Once a treatment plan is agreed upon, it will be printed out for your review and appointments will be made for you when you are completely comfortable with your choices.

    We are sure that will  have never had a dental experience like this before but it is well worth it and a great way to start our new journey together.

Your New Patient Package:

   When you setup your initial visit with us, Kelly will take down enough contact information for you to then receive a detailed "New Patient Package."  Everything you need to know about setting up appointments, payment options, insurance strategies, and how to get to our location is included in this package. If for any reason you lose your New Patient Package, you can always refer to this website where you will find the same information.

    Once you receive this package, we ask that you complete the important office forms ahead of time and bring them with you to your initial visit. Because these documents are signed, we cannot accept a digital copy of them, only the original signed copies. The following is a guide to help you complete these forms.

The "Patient Information Form" and HIPAA Release Form:

    Every question in this form serves an important purpose. From registering you as a new patient in our computer system to providing us with your medical history each answered question will help the initial examination go more smoothly.

    Please be assured that all information is kept strictly confidential, according to the most recent guidelines set down in the Health Information Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA). You can download a copy of both the ​Patient Information Form ​and the HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices by clicking here to review prior to signing our standard HIPAA Release Form giving our office the authorization to share information only with those parties within that notice. This is an important document for your protection.

Medical History:

    It is important for Dr. Weber to fully understand any medications you are currently taking, or any medical conditions which you have or have a family history of. In addition to any prescription medications you are taking, it is also important to list any over the counter (OTC) medications or recreational drugs which you may be using even occasionally, including tobacco products. The following are just a few examples of why this information is so important:

   - Aspirin causes thinning of the blood which can be a problem if surgery is required.

   -  Long term use of Bisposphonates for treatment of osteoporosis such as Fosomax, Zometa, and Boniva can cause a major problem in the mouth if any invasive procedures, such as surgery or deep scaling, are required.

    - Smoking is intimately associated with many medical conditions including your dental health. If we notice that your smoking habit is adversely affecting your dental health, Dr. Weber may not be able to proceed with your treatment until smoking has ceased. There are many smoking cessation programs that Dr. Weber can recommend and help enroll you in. We feel that strongly about the benefits of not smoking. Click here for more information on how to effectively quit smoking

   - There are several common recreational drugs that have a direct, adverse affect on your dental health or a successful dental treatment outcome:

    -Use of methamphetamines can cause irreversible damage to your teeth and gums creating a condition called "meth mouth" that exhibits severe decay along the gumline of the teeth. It can be treated but it is far more difficult to treat successfully if it is too far advanced. To learn more about methamphetamines and dentistry, click here. 

    -The act of snorting cocaine and heroin on a regular basis has been shown to destroy the nutritive tissues to the upper front teeth, causing the loss of the supporting bone and the health of the pulp which the tooth requires to survive. The result is usually the loss of at least the upper front teeth and perhaps even more. Lastly, use of these drugs is so physically debilitating that the simple act of giving local anesthesia could result in a fatal medical emergency. 

   These are just a few reasons why it is very important to be completely honest with Dr. Weber about your medical history and medications. We are not here to judge in any way, just to help you achieve optimal oral health in a safe and predictable manner.  

    Lastly, if you have had recent joint replacement surgery, if you have a history of certain heart murmurs, or if you are being treated for cancer you may require antibiotic pre-medication prior to any dental treatment. 

Referral Information:

    Please tell us who referred you to our office, for we have a very nice way of thanking those who think highly enough of our office to recommend them to their family and friends

Spouse and/or Responsible Party:

   If someone other than yourself will be responsible for dental treatment, including payment for services, this section should be filled out. If you are married or have a significant other, you can also list that here so that we can know a little more about you.   

Employer Information:

    This information is important only in that we may need to contact you at work in case of any last minute changes in your appointments. It also may be important if you have dental insurance. 

​Dental Insurance Information:

    Please complete all the information requested in this section if you have dental insurance.  If you are covered under more than one dental insurance policy, be sure to list the secondary carrier as well.  This way our office can work hard on your behalf to receive the insurance benefits you are entitled to. To learn more about how we work with your insurance policy, click here.

Informed Consent for Services rendered at Initial Visit:

   Please read this section carefully and sign at the bottom. This is for your protection, not for the office. You deserve and need to know everything about what we will be doing at this first visit and authorize us to proceed. 


Contact Us. We encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. Please call our office or use the quick contact form below.