How Your Teeth Are Built

Here is the mantra that I teach all my patients:

  • To fully understand how to prevent damage to your teeth you must fully understand the diseases that attack them
  • To fully understand the diseases that attack teeth you must truly understand how your teeth are built
  • To fully understand the benefits of your maintenance visit schedule you must grasp the fact that all dental diseases get worse over time

This section is dedicated to understanding the following diagram, with a level of detail that has probably never been presented to you before. Take a look at this image, then read the next few pages. Don't be scared. I talk in a language that is easy to understand and interesting to follow. It is a story, that either leads to a successful outcome that will save you time and money, or could cause you both physical and economic hardship if left unaddressed.

When you are done, come back to this image and see how much more you know than you did when you started.



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