Dental Disease, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Hopefully, you have reviewed the section "How Teeth Are Built" before arriving at this page. If not, it would be worth your while to go back and "catch up a bit." There is an important reason for this - it is very hard to truly understand how your teeth break down unless you know how they are built. Similarly, it is very hard to know how to interpret your symptoms unless you know how everything is connected. So if necessary click here to go back for your review.

For those who are ready, you are about to learn how to read your own radiographs, how to connect what you are feeling in your mouth with the diagnosis your dentist will be making, and how to determine what course of treatment is in your best interest. Lastly, you will be able to understand and evaluate the standard of care which you are receiving and determine if you are receiving the quality of treatment that you deserve.


Standard of Care:

On that last note, lets talk about the Standard of Care that your dentist is held to. I wish I could direct you to a webpage, or a book that is published by the government or even my dental associations, that outlines the standard to which dentistry is held.

But I can't. It doesn't exist. Until now, on the pages of this website and within the book which I have written.

What I am about to share with you is very unique. I began teaching my patients how to judge the quality of the work I provide for them from the very beginning. Some would question the wisdom in this - why would you want anyone to know if you made a mistake?  My answer is quite simple - because they deserve to know, and I am bound to tell them if something has been done in a subpar fashion and fix any problems that may arise.

The more my patients know, the better they are able to judge the quality of care which I provide for them. Since I am dedicated to providing the highest quality of care, I have nothing to fear by sharing these details with my patients. And since redoing dental procedures is a very expensive prospect for me, it behooves me to do things impeccably well right from the start. So everyone wins!

So to anyone out there - do your homework! Learn what you need to learn in order to accurately judge the quality of care you are receiving. If you choose a course of treatment, fully understand the pros and the cons of that decision and go in with an open mind.

I know that this website and your experience as one of our patients will prepare you for a lifetime of oral wellness, as you receive the quality of care you deserve.


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